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vision & mission.

VISION: A Society which is a family of God with an evangelized people, living a righteous, better and quality life, serving God and society with integrity.

MISSION:To proclaim the Good News to all people in the diocese of Rulenge-Ngara with new zeal and vigour; guiding and helping people to effect their own integral development .(Lk 4:18-19)


In the beginning, the diocese of Rulenge-Ngara was part of Bukoba diocese which started on 18/4/1929 after dividing Bukoba diocese from Victoria Nyanza diocese. Since 13/12/1951, part of Bukoba diocese was cut off to form a new diocese of Lower Kagera (Rutabo). The Rutabo diocese was entrusted to the leadership of the First indigenous bishop Laurian Rugambwa and Bukoba diocese was left under the Bishopric of Alfred Lanctot W.F.

Later on, when the hierarchies were created in Eastern Africa, on 21/6/1960 a big part of Bukoba district was increased. This fact made the Lower Kagera and Bukoba dioceses to be joined into one diocese of Bukoba and the rest of the part of the former Bukoba diocese was nominated to be the diocese Rulenge. The first Bishop of Rulenge diocese was the late Bishop Alfred Lanctot, W.F., a man born from Sherbrooke, in CANADA. He led the diocese till when he passed away on 31/5/1969. His body is buried in the church of the Rulenge diocese.

The second bishop of Rulenge diocese was Bishop Christopher Mwoleka who led the diocese till 1997 when he retired and died later on 16/10/2002. Bishop Christopher Mwoleka was replaced by the Right Rev. Bishop Severine NIWEMUGIZI on 16/2/1997 who led the diocese till 14/8/2008 when His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI divided the diocese and create two dioceses of Kayanga and Rulenge-Ngara.

After announcing the diocese of Rulenge-Ngara, it was put under the leadership of Right Rev. Bishop Severine NIWEMUGIZI who is still leading up to-day. From that very time the seat of the Bishop was transferred from Rulenge to Ngara where it exists.