Caritas is a non-profit organization under the Catholic Diocese of Rulenge-Ngara which is charged with relief /refugees and socio-economic development activities. It is among the five development departments in the Diocese. It works directly under Rulenge-Ngara Diocesan Social Welfare Directorate (RUDISOWEDI) which is governed by the Development Board chaired by the Bishop of Rulenge-Ngara Diocese.

Its existence in the diocese can be traced back to the year 1972, when the organization concentrated more on relief and emergency services. Currently, Caritas Rulenge-Ngara is carrying out more of socio-economic development activities to create more impact on the lives of the people, though humanitarian response of relief and emergence. It focuses on care for the elderly, gender issues and development. The overall goal of Caritas is to improve the living conditions of the people in need at present and future generations of humankind.