Catechetics and Liturgy

It deals with coordinating all catechetical and liturgical activities by promoting religious education program in the Diocese. The department aims at improving on its coverage and access to religious education for all categories of people (children, students at all levels of education, families, pre-sacramental initiations etc.

It coordinates and moderates all the catechetical and liturgical activities of the diocese by offering religious training which includes Married couples/family catechesis, Groups, Schools (kindergarten, primary, secondary, institutes), Pre-sacramental initiation, Out of school pupils/ catechumenate, Mass religious education through the mass media and Catechesis of the Youth. The department also manages the Catechetical Training Centre, which deals with training the on-going catechesis of those who have the task of formation in the community (catechists and those involved in the lay apostolate) and the promotion and controlling of liturgical rites- music and texts, ceremonies and all patterns of worship in general.