DAE focuses on sustainable agriculture; environmental conservation; the usage of natural resource and management and crossing cutting issues. On sustainable agriculture, the department creates awareness on appropriate agricultural practices which will lead to food and income security. It aims at harvesting enough food for consumption and surplus for sale by conducting a number of activities such as crop production (food and cash crops), livestock keeping and fish farming.

From the environment conservation point of view, the department creates people’s awareness on what should be done in order to conserve nature for present and future generation. The emphasis is “Never frustrate nature”. “Sustain environment for your sustainability”. Important activities in this component include but not limited to; tree planting, beekeeping and water source management.

On the other hand, the department focuses on proper use of natural resources and Management by creating an awareness among the people to help them understand the natural resources around them and how to exploit them for better livelihood.

On Cross cutting issues, the department addresses social issues like gender balance, children, women and youth challenges, HIV/AIDS, climate change, land use, global warming and poverty alleviations.