The vocations Department in Rulenge-Ngara Diocese is charged with fostering and nurturing vocations through Small Christian Communities, family apostolate, religious education and promoting ongoing formation for increasing competent and committed human resource in the vineyard of the Lord.

Families have always served as a pivot for good faith and devout practice in children and young. Invariably, many of the young major seminarians in Rulenge-Ngara Diocese began discerning their vocations while participating in young Catholic apostolate (TYCS) while in secondary/seminary schools and vocations clubs in parishes. There is therefore a vital link between vocational promotion and youth ministry that must be cultivated among our parishes, schools and colleges.

At present, St. Charles Lwanga Katoke Seminary is the nursery for priestly training beginning from form one to form six. Those who successfully complete form six and wish to continue, join Christ the King Prepeauditic Seminary for one year formation program. Candidates who qualify after one year are admitted to the National Major Seminaries for further studies.

Currently there are seven Seminarians in the formation program and thirty major seminarians in National major seminaries attending Philosophical and Theological studies.